CT Link - Simcoe County

What is the CT Link?

The Community Transportation Link, or CT Link, is a network of community-based transportation service providers developing a web-based Portal that they will use to identify opportunities to pool transportation resources between agencies.

The CT Link will improve mobility options for people using community-based transportation services, such as seniors, people living with disabilities and/or medical concerns, and people on fixed incomes, by increasing their transportation opportunities. The CT Link will provide an opportunity for agencies to maximize their resources to serve our communities and region as effectively as possible, through collaboration and innovation.

What are the benefits?

  • Efficiency Agencies can pool their transportation resources together.
  • Mobility People using community-based transportation services have more options.
  • Capacity To better meet local demand for community-based transportation services.
  • Responsiveness Through their normal providers, clients will have access to other provider resources to ensure their needs are met quickly and effectively.

Who are the CT Link Users?

  • CT Link agencies > Will continue to provide rides and will use the CT Link Portal for more transportation options, when needed.
  • People registered with a transportation provider > Continue to contact their agency as usual. CT Link ride opportunities will be identified by the agency.
  • People not registered with a transportation agency > Dial 211, a 24/7 multilingual helpline, to learn more about transportation resources available in the community.

Who are CT Link Agencies

Currently, the agencies that are part of the pilot and the development team include:

  • Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle (BANAC)
  • Canadian Red Cross, Simcoe Muskoka Branch
  • Community Reach North Simcoe
  • Helping Hands, Orillia

The CT Link is funded by the Ministry of Transportation, through the Community Transportation Pilot Grant Program. Project support is provided by the County of Simcoe and the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (NSM LHIN).

When does the CT Link start?

CT Link is set to be launched in spring 2016.

Long-term, the Portal and sharing of resources will enable community transportation service to provide more rides, to more people, to more destinations, while keeping the costs of these services sustainable.

How does it work?

When the number of rides requested outnumber the number of available vehicles, CT Link agencies will use the web-based Portal to identify opportunities to pool transportation resources between agencies. It will also provide a platform for agencies to post vehicles not currently in service, but available, in order to bring this capacity awareness to other agencies in the region. This information provides agencies coordinating community-based transportation services with more options which, in turn, provides clients with more options for transportation.

The relationship between the client and their current transportation service provider will not change. Clients will continue to book, cancel or reschedule, and pay for services with the same agency and, most of the time, rides will still be received from the same provider. Occasionally, rides may be received from a different agency’s vehicle and driver.

All agencies will ensure that the agency providing the ride understands and meets the client’s needs.

All of the agencies that provide rides are committed to common standards of client care, driver training, vehicle safety, privacy and maintenance.

How much does it cost?

The fee for transportation services will not change for clients from the fee structures they have in place with their current providers.