CT Projects in Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario Map

Grant Recipients Partner Community Organizations


  • Atikokan is using funding to extend the hours of service for its existing accessible Handi-Van service and to start a new coordinated service, called Next Generation, to transport clients of partnering community organizations in the Rainy River District.
  • Community organizations do intake, make trip requests to central dispatch for booking and scheduling of trips. Vehicles, drivers, insurance and maintenance costs are being shared.
  • Rainy River District Home Support Program, Rainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope, and Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services (social service agencies)
  • Northwestern Health Unit
  • Atikokan Native Friendship Centre
  • Rainy River District Social Services Administrative Board
  • Kidsport Atikokan (not-for-profit)
  • Atikokan Literacy Inc. Adult Learning Centre (adult education)
  • Rainbow Centre and Sun Dog Best Start Hub (childcare provider)

Black River-Matheson

  • Black River-Matheson is partnering with a school bus operator to provide seniors with bi-weekly transport from Matheson to attend medical services, and for shopping and recreation.
  • There is also bi-monthly service from the township to Timmins.
  • Leuschen Bus Line (school bus operator)


  • Dryden is planning a single contact number and website for transportation service and to implement software to centralize information, intake, trip booking, route scheduling, and dispatch service.
  • Dryden’s goal is to improve service to growing First Nation and senior populations.
  • Dryden Native Friendship Center
  • Patricia Region Senior Services Inc. (seniors’ organization)
  • Dryden Handicapped Association (existing third-party transit agency)


  • Haliburton is providing one contact through a central 1-800 telephone number and website for transport services in the county.
  • Residents can call a mobility manager, “Navigator”, for information and trip referral to organizations. The project includes a social marketing campaign to encourage use of transportation options, such as ridesharing.
  • Rural Transportation Options Committee of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative
  • Point In Time Centre for Children, Youth and Parents, SIRCH Community Services, Community Care North Hastings (CCNH)/The Rural Overland Utility Transit (TROUT) (social service organizations)
  • Municipality of Dysart et al’s DYMO Bus (lower tier municipality, specialized transportation)
  • Haliburton Highlands Health Services –Community Support Division (health agency)
  • Aging Well Committee (seniors’ organization)
  • Poverty Reduction Strategy Steering Committee (anti-poverty organization)


  • Muskoka is contracting with a school bus operator to run school buses outside of the daily school route to provide 7 new rural routes in the Muskoka district.
  • The routes connect residents to the main towns of Bracebridge, Huntsville and Gravenhurst. Each route is available at least one day per week.
  • Social service agencies are aligning their program schedules to the bus schedules.
  • Muskoka Seniors and Muskoka Family Focus and Children’s Place (social service organizations)
  • Hammond Transportation (school bus operator)


  • Papineau-Cameron has started a transportation service connecting 8 smaller municipalities on Highway 17 in the Northeastern Region, using local school buses.
  • The service is a mix of advance booking for on-demand and fixed route that connects riders to North Bay and other destinations.
  • The program enables residents to access employment, medical services, recreation, and education.
  • Nipissing District Employment Services Table, composed of 23 community organizations in education, labour market research, economic development, social and health service organizations

Temiskaming Shores

  • Temiskaming Shores is implementing a shared marketing strategy for a number of local transportation services in the community.
  • Five transportation providers (Temiskaming Home Support, Patient Transfer, Ontario Northland, Temiskaming Transit, and the Canadian Cancer Society) are working together to increase awareness and inform residents of their transportation options through shared marketing materials.
  • With additional funding from Northeast Local Health Integration Network, the project will include a central 1-800 telephone number for information.
  • Northeastern Patient Transfer Services Inc. and Temiskaming Library (employers)
  • Temiskaming Health Unit, CNIB - seeing beyond vision loss, and Temiskaming Lodge (health service agencies)
  • New Liskeard Non-Profit Housing Corporation and R.C.L. Zone K-i & Area Veterans Home Corporation (non-profit housing agencies)
  • Temiskaming Transit (existing transit agency)

Terrace Bay

  • Terrace Bay is partnering with a local seniors’ organization to lease a van in order to provide shuttle service to seniors from 5 communities in Terrace Bay to Thunder Bay for medical services.
  • The service is expanding with a new route to Marathon.
  • Terrace Bay Superior Seniors Association
  • Terrace Bay - Schreiber Handi-Transit Service (existing transit agency)

White River

  • White River is partnering with the Canadian Red Cross to provide a local seniors’ transportation service that complements the existing Canadian Red Cross transportation program.
  • Trips are being provided to various communities within a 100-km radius of White River to connect riders to medical, dental, and hearing services that are not available in town.
  • Canadian Red Cross